Welcome to the RECAR Project Casebook!

One in six people in the European Union (EU) has a disability that ranges from mild to severe making around 80 million who are often prevented from taking part fully in society and economy because of environmental and attitudinal barriers.

Career counsellors are one of the essential actors for implementing the policies addressed to people with disabilities, as they support them in their job search and help them get motivated and help them to get motivated for learning and finding the their way to possibilities for re-skilling and validation of not formal and informal learning.

RECAR[i] is a 2014 Erasmus+ project connecting 6 organisations. ADPI from France, Società Cooperativa Aforisma from Italy, BD Center from Poland, Dia-Sport from Bulgaria, Fundacion Docete Omnes from Spain and Activa from Sweden.
The aim of the project is to increase the efficacy of career counselling delivered to people with disabilities by developing a Casebook and two e-Courses, one for trainers of career counsellors and one for career counsellors for self-training.[ii]

This casebook is addressed to career counsellors working with people with disabilities. The cases are assembled with a set of questions confronting the reader in finding ways to solve the problems occurring and starting up discussions between counsellors and trainers that will provide a mutual exchange of experiences.

The casebook contains 60 cases, each of them with a set of questions to promote reflection following a description of the main issue of the case, and directions for solving or managing these issues. The casebook spans 10 topics extending from basic support to more specific challenges. In the Implementation phase the partners from the six countries produced 15 cases each in English. The 90 cases were read by each partner that gave feedback about the things that needed to be adjusted or rewritten. After edition of all cases a selection had to be done in order to reduce them to the amount of 60. Each partner gave the cases a judgment by putting between one to three stars at each case depending on given quality criteria. The 60 cases were after that translated into the partners’ languages: Bulgarian, French, Polish, Spanish and Swedish[iii]

Our aims is that this casebook will be of great assistance to trainers of career counsellors in giving their courses, enabling to raise critical issues of the career counsellor’s job and trigger discussions among students.

For the self-learner, we wish that students of the topic of professional support to people with disabilities or counsellors on the job find tools for improving their perspective on the job and deliver better support.

[i] The project was submitted in France, RECAR stands for Recueil de Cas Pratiques Pour les Conseillers en Insertion Professionnelle des Travailleurs Handicapés, it translates in English as Casebook for Career Counsellors of Disabled workers
[ii] The casebook and the link to the trainings
[iii] These versions are available to the project’s website: http://www.recar.info